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Dec 24, 2019

Merry Christmas! On this last episode of the year, Adam, Dan and Jason discuss their favorite listens in 2019, how to handle hardship during the holidays and what we most anticipate in 2020.

Thanks to Matt Traxler and Steadfast Records for the use of Brandtson's music. Other music from this episode comes from Focused, The Beautiful Mistake, Unwed Sailor (listen to our conversation with Matt Putman of Unwed Sailor), Magnitude, A Pregnant Light, Liberty & Justice, Luxury and Toledo Knives.

Also mentioned in this episode: Dan's Focused tee, Furnace Fest 2020, California Takeover 2020, Magnitude's snare drum has a Twitter account, the return of RATM (go check out One Day As A Lion), Body Count's forthcoming LP, and Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn.

Dan's favorites for the year:
Magnitude - To Whatever Fateful End
(listen to our conversation with Cameron from Magnitude)
Anxious - Never Better
One Step Closer - From Me To You
Envision - In Desperation
Charity - Nickname
Fiddlehead - Get My Mind Right
Inclination - When Fear Turns To Confidence
Never Ending Game - Just Another Day
Stages of Faith - Delside
Abuse of Power - What On Earth Can We Do

Jason's favorites for the year:
Magnitude - To Whatever Fateful End
Fiddlehead - Get My Mind Right
A Pregnant Light - Broken Play 
(listen to our conversation with Damian Master of APL)
Bars of Gold - Shelters
Ceremony - In The Spirit World Now
Pedro The Lion - Phoenix
Liberty & Justice - 4 All
Jimmy Eat World - Surviving
Julien Baker - Tokyo
Honorable Mention: The St. Pierre Snake Invasion - Caprice Enchante

Adam's favorites for the year:
Pedro The Lion - Phoenix
Luxury - Trophies
(listen to our conversation with Christopher Foley of Luxury)
Fiddlehead - Springtime And Blind
Quicksand - Interiors
Bars of Gold - Shelters
Magnitude - To Whatever Fateful End
The Brilliance - All Is Not Lost
Amygdala - Our Voices Will Soar Forever
Lingua Ignota - Caligula
Honorable Mention: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen

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